Who are we? 

We are three girls and friends in our early 20s who are enjoying life to the fullest. We have pretty wide range of interests and passions and we try to explore and develop ourselves as much as possible. We are going to share with you our experiences, adventures and we hope that we will inspire you to maybe try new things and activities!

So, this is us: 


Wanderlust, who loves the smell of airports and nonformal education. I have knocked many goals off my bucketlist, but the  list is still so long! Will be baking macarons the next accomplished goal?




Indecisive and stubborn tea lover, who loves to travel, discovering herself and learning new things. Most of all, I love organising events, helping others, fighting prejudice and go against the tide.




A gymnast who is interested in engineering, loves discovering new countries and cultures. I enjoy learning things, working with children and passing on my knowledge to them. I engage in non-profit organizations, and occasionally I need to spend some time reading, drawing or photographing.



With love,