When fish bit us in National park Erewan…

Off to countryside! We need to spend few days in peaceful place than Pattaya.  So we left noisy Pattaya and went to lovely  Kanchanaburi where we wanted to spend last few days before coming home. It take us just 4 hours and we got almost to Myanmar boarder. In Kanchanaburi everything worked well (from European point of view), we had great time there and you should definitely have it in your bucket list!

First of all we went to Thai-Burmese death railway. This railway was build during Second World War by military prisoners and other “slaves” . The  construction was planned by Japanese, who needed to get stuff from Bangkok to Burma (Myanmar) quickly.

Hellfire pass, literally. Work there was so hard for prisoners.  From Kanchanaburi, you can go to Nam Tok by train, one way ticket costs 100 bht and ride takes 2.5 hours. First train goes at 6:07, take this one, you won´t regret getting early. We did it and had whole carriage for ourselves.  Watch jungle and think out life of people who were building this railway.

On the way back to Kanchanaburi we stopped at Sai Yok waterfall  Noi. A lot of Thai people were swimming there in their jeans and tees in the jeans and T-shirt. Different habits 🙂 We had nice lunch in a restaurant nearby and then went to Kanchanaburi. The waterfall was nice, but we had expected it to be a bit different.

From Kanchanaburi we went by direct bus for 50 bht to the Erewan Waterfalls. We paid 100 bhts for the entrance and went to see all  7 waterfalls. We climbed 2 kilometers to the 7th waterfall and we went swimming there. Naively, we thought there would be few people up there, but appx. 30 other people swam there with us. For example one man who took the  inflatable unicorn ( 100% Instagram hubby) or Tom from France who we we met in Malaysia 5 weeks ago. We didn´t text him or anything. What a coincidence!

You can swim in all waterfalls, but the 7th waterfall is the most beautiful. You will find there little fish as in other other falls in this area.  No, they are not small, cute fishes, but 20-40 cm big ones . They bit us several times. When you swim in the fall, they bite you. However this experience is really cool and you should definitely go for it!

Knowledge from Erewan:

  • Bus takes you in 20 min from Nam Tok to Hellfire pass.
  • Kanchanaburi – Nam Tok bus ticket costs 60 bht.
  • The Erewan Falls close gradually, the highest one  at 15:00, middle ones at 16:00 and the first one at 17:00.

Have you ever let fish to  taste you? Were you scared?

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