9 reasons why to go for Erasmus to Cluj-Napoca, Romania


1. Because you will lose many prejudices. Maybe your Spanish roommate will turn out being on time, Romanian classmates will be nicer than people you know from back home or you’ll find out that all non-Czech beers are not that bad. 😉

2. Because you will fall in love with this city, language, food and people and will never want to leave. 

3. Because the dorms are way cheaper and nicer than in Czech Republic.

4. Because you’ll consider walking all the way to the city centre as “far away”, it takes 20 mins, by the way.

5. Because everyone in school speaks English and you will highly likely have way bigger choice of subjects than back home and you won’t only sit there and bore yourself to death, but actually discuss a lot and put all the theory into practice.

6.Because you’ll meet many amazing people from all around the world, who will inspire you and became very close in almost no time.

7. Because you can go party to so many clubs that you don’t even have chance to see all of them in             one semester.

8. Because you’ll have answer for everything what doesn’t follow any logic – “It’s Romania

9. Because Romania has anything you might want to see and do and it doesn’t matter whether you are more into mountains, seaside or old towns. Romania has it all.

Have you ever gone for Erasmus? Where?



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